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EVolve & Go – We are an innovative company dedicated to providing electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), designing and manufacturing innovative charging systems for residential, commercial, and public use. Our products meet the highest safety and quality standards, including CE, TUV, and UL certifications. (Learn More)

Founded in 2015, our company is headquartered in Ontario, Canada with R&D centers, sales offices in HongKong, and manufacturing facilities in ShenZhen & ShangHai. We aim to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles through advanced, user-friendly charging technology and reliable components.

Our Mission

Charge Anywhere, Anytime

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) is all we do in the past 9 years. We’re tackling the biggest concerns for electric car owners – How to charge my EV Safely and Effectively.

Be Ready for an EV Future

EVolve & Go is proud to make owning an electric vehicle simpler and more affordable than ever before. We aim to reduce range anxiety and eliminate compatibility issues for both J1772 EV and Mennekes Type 2 drivers.

Our Products

EVolve & Go offers a range of Level 2 EV chargers (240V) and DC fast charging (400-900V) systems. Our product lineup includes portable EV chargers and adapters for homes, as well as wall-mounted EV chargers for businesses. Our charging systems are compatible with a wide range of popular EV models, including Tesla, GM, Nissan LEAF, Toyota Prius, and more.

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Portable ev charger

Portable EV Charger

11-22kW output portable EV chargers that provide destination or emergency charging. Our portable chargers can be plugged directly into NEMA 14-50 outlets (220-240-volt ), typically used for RVs, dryers, stoves, and other major appliances.

Tesla CCS charger

EV Adapters

EVolve & Go supply a wide range of charging adapters that allow compliant with different charging ports or plug types (J1772, Type 2, CSS2, CHAdeMO, and GB/T). Our range of EV adapters allows for maximum compatibility to access any charging station.

tesla home charger

Tesla Home Charger

EVolve & Go offers Tesla chargers & adapters, multi-pal connectors compliant with J1772, CCS standards. Allowing Tesla owners of any model to charge at home or access non-Tesla EV chargers for Level 1 / Level 2 charging using a compatible Tesla adapter.

Why Electric Cars Are Better

Save Money

Applicable incentives and long run saving on gas and maintenance help EV drivers keep their overall cost low.

Charge Anywhere Anytime

Ever-improving battery with longer range and more accessible charging infrastructure, EVs offer freedom and flexibility against range anxiety.

Less Hassle

Electric vehicles owners have no regular maintenance base on mileage or time – no oil, filters, or belts to change.


Imagine how nice it is to drive a vehicle that doesn’t go “vroom.” EV makes daily commute less stressful.

Fun to Drive

Electric car motors react instantly, delivering plenty of acceleration the moment you need it.

Zero Emissions

Electric vehicles produce none emissions. More EV on streets, less pollution and smog.

EV101 charging FAQ

EV Charging FAQ

Whether you’re an EV owner, or just thinking of buying one, this FAQ page will help to solve all your doubts on electric vehicles — What is Level 1 2 Charging? How long or how much does it cost to charge an EV?…

Level 1 EV chargers can be plugged with any standard 120V outlet. It can charge 200 kilometers (124 miles) in 20 hours.

Level 2 chargers are sold separately from the car. 240 Voltage allows 3 to 7 times faster in charging. Full charge can take 5-8 hours.

DC Fast Charging typically charge 80% capacity of 200 km (124 miles) in 30 min and 80% of 400 km (249 miles) in 1 hour.

Cost = $0.30/kWh x 60 kWh x Charging Efficiency (85-95%)

Based on the example of 30 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for Level 2 chargers and 40 cents per kWh for Level 3 DC fast chargers in California, assuming your EV has a battery capacity of 60 kWh, estimated charging cost would be $16 and $26 for DCFC.

EV supply equipment charger costs is relatively static and depend on the level of charger.

Level 1-2 or residential home EV chargers, cost around $300-$600 for a dedicated NEMA14-50 120-volt circuit.

Direct Current fast charge (DCFC-480-volt) is level three. Cost about $10,000 to $40,000 for a single port.

Few public charging stations offer free EV charging. But they’re are far less common than those requiring payment. You’ll need to pay-as-you-go or subscription-based, with prices set by networks.

Target Markets

Garage ev charger


Homeowners who already own an electric vehicle or are thinking of purchasing an EV, trying to find a convenient and reliable way to charge at home with trusted and safe EV charging stations.

EV charging network commercial


Commercial properties like workplaces, malls, hotels, and vehicle dealerships looking to provide EV charging for employees & customers. We can help to develop EV charging system and network.

Electric Car Charging Stations Public


Governments, utilities, and private operators seeking to build public charging networks. EVolve&Go’s fast charging systems are well suited for urban charging hubs and highway locations.

Choosing a right charging station for your house or office?

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