J1772 to Tesla Adapter


Tesla J1772 Adapter

Tiny Size, Powerful Function – The Tesla J1772 adapter designed to connect the SAE J1772 chargers to Tesla. With this small adapter, Tesla drivers can charge at 45,000 additional Level 1 & Level 2 EV charger connectors

Safe to Charge – Fire rating UL94V-0 ensures stability for extreme charging conditions indoor & outdoor, the J1772 Tesla adapter is built to last

Fast Charging – Max 60 Amps current, 240V AC charger providing a full quick charge in a matter of hours with Level 2 AC charging

Easy to Use – Simply connect the Tesla adapter to the J1772 charger, then plug into your Tesla vehicles

Compatible with most Level 2 public charging stations, the J1772 to Tesla supports charging speeds up to 19.2kW


J1772 Adapter – Tesla

Maximize your Tesla charging options of Model 3/Y/S/X. The J1772 adapter Tesla enables compatibility with most Level 1 & Level 2 EV charger networks. Help Tesla owners to take the advantage of increasing number of public charging stations on the road, or charging at a hotel, a friend’s house, or anywhere that a Tesla “Destination” charger is not available.

Note: Tesla J1772 adapter (Level 2 EV charger) isn’t for the high power DC “Tesla Supercharger”. For quick (20-40 minute) DC charging, you need a CCS adapter.

J1772 Adapter SPEC

  • Rated Current: 60A, AC
  • Operation Voltage: 250V
  • Withstand Voltage: 2,000V AC
  • IP Grade: IP54
  • Fire rating: UL94V-0
  • Temperature: -30 ℃- 50 ℃

Note: the J1772 to Tesla adapters are only work with low-power level 2 Tesla Destination Charger. They DO NOT work on the Tesla “Supercharger” fast charging network.

How fast does j1772 charge?

J1772 charger can ramp-up to 40 Amps and was happily charging at 20-35 miles of range per hour.

How could you not want more charging options and cheaper charging rate?
J1772 adapter charging tesla
Tesla Charge Adapter
best J1772 adapter

Fire rating UL94V-0 ensures safe charging. Our adapter made of ABS with heat resistance 105°C. Other PPC or PVC would melt around 75°C -90°C.

Charge anywhere & charger cheaper. With this Level 2 EV charger adapter, you could fully charge a Tesla fast. A perfect backup when stuck without options.

Tesla compatible adapter

J1772 to Tesla adapter is tiny, and fits perfectly in the under seat storage or in door pocket. Compatible with Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model X and S.

How to use Tesla J1772 adapter?

  1. Securely push the adapter into the charging port
  2. Connect your J1772 plug to the adapter until you hear a click
  3. Wait until the indicator turns green

How to remove J1772 charger?

Use your phone or key fob to stop charging, but don’t remove anything until you see/hear charging has stopped. Then unplug the adapter from the car, then remove the adapter from the J1772 charging handle.

j1772 adapter for tesla

How to charge Tesla using a Public Level 2 Charger?

Tesla vehicles come with a J1772 adapter that allows you to connect your Tesla to a J1772 charger. You will need this adapter to use the J1772 charger.

How to unplug model S from a J1772 public charging station?

The most convenient way to unplug Model S from a J1772 charger is to remove both the charging station handle and the Tesla J1772 adapter at the same time:

  1. Ensure that Model S is unlocked.
  2. Hold the public charging handle with one hand.
  3. Hold the Tesla J1772 adapter with the other hand.
  4. Press and hold the button on the public charging handle, then pull outward with both hands in order to remove the handle and adapter together.
  5. Press and hold the button again to remove the adapter from the handle.

If the charging station handle separates from the adapter, Model S automatically locks the adapter in the charge port. To remove it, use the touchscreen to unlock the charge port.


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