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CCS to Tesla Adapter

Charge Anywhere – With EVolve & Go CCS Combo 1 Adapter, charging your Tesla at 5,000 more CCS fast charging stations nationwide is now possible.

CCS Charger Adapter – This versatile CCS adapter for Tesla provides a seamless and fast charging speed up to 250 kW.

Compatible – This Tesla CCS adapter supports any Level 3 CCS chargers and all Tesla models that are CCS-enabled ( Tesla Model S, X, Y, and Model 3 ).

Safe & Secure – EVolve & Go CCS adapter rated IP54 waterproof, ensuring protection against splashing water, making it ideal for outdoor charging situations.

Portable – Light, compact and convenient, easily slide it onto the CCS charger, this CCS charging adapter is a must-have Tesla accessory for charging on the go.

12-Month Warranty – Shop worry-free with EVolve & Go EVSE shop. Our dedicated customer service team is here for you 24/7.


CCS Combo 1 Adapter

CCS to Tesla adapter allows Tesla owners to access 4 times more public networks outside the Supercharger network, expanding fast charging options and reducing range anxiety. Having a Tesla CCS adapter in your storage box provides convenience and flexibility, especially when traveling with non-Tesla charging infrastructure nearby.

How could you not want more charging options and cheaper charging rate?
CCS Charging station

Specification – CCS to Tesla

Connect charge cable from CCS Combo 1 charging station to your Tesla that supports CCS charging. It enables Tesla owners to take advantage of the growing network of CCS chargers, offering a wider range of rapid charging options for a more seamless and convenient charging experience.

  • Power Rated: 175-250KW
  • Rated Current: Up to 250A
  • Rated Voltage: 500V DC
  • Enclosure Rating: IP54
  • Operating Temperature: -22°F to +122°F (-30°C to +50°C)

* This unit is for fast charging DC “Tesla Super charger” (20-40 minute), If you need for Tesla destination charger you need a J1772 adapter)

Charging Time

Charging speeds affected by many factors, including the power and current of the charging station, as well as external factors like air temperature and vehicle battery capacity. If the battery is outside the optimal temperature range, the vehicle will adjust it before charging.

To 80 percent charge. Charging rate slows as the battery gets closer to its full capacity to protect battery’s health. Therefore, it is more efficient in cost and time to use DC fast charging until reaching 80%, and then continue on their trip. The remaining time taken to charge the last 10% is typically similar to charging the initial 90%.

Is my Tesla CCS enabled?

Not all Tesla are equipped with CCS capability. Check if your vehicle is compatible, touch Controls – Software – Additional Vehicle Information –  CCS Adapter Support Enabled / Not Installed.

How do I enable CCS adapter on Tesla?

Tesla offers charge port Gen4 ECU retrofit to enable CCS. CCS Adapter Retrofit is currently only available for Model S and Model X owners, with Model 3 and Model Y owners waiting until mid-2023 for availability.

What is CCS Adapter Retrofit

Tesla CCS adapter retrofit cost $450 which includes the CCS Tesla adapter $175. But what is it?

CCS Combo 1 Adapter allows you to charge a Tesla at non-Tesla charging stations. But not any models are CCS-Enabled, if your Tesla is not CCS-ready, you will need the retrofit. Sign in Tesla app to schedule an appointment for a retrofit service.

CCS charger tesla

How to Use CCS adapter

  1. Align the CCS Combo 1 adapter to the CCS charging station connector. Make sure the charger adapter and cable connected and locked secure.
  2. Plug the CCS Adapter into your Tesla’s charging port and wait for the vehicle’s latch to engage and hold the adapter in place.
  3. Monitor charging process via Tesla APP or touchscreen to confirm the charging is in progress.
charge tesla with CCS adapter

CAUTION: Inspect the CCS Adapter Tesla interface for any damage or foreign objects before each use.

How to Unplug Tesla Adapter

  1. Stop charging session from Tesla screen or charging station’s screen.
  2. Unlock the charge port, press the button on the handle and separate the CCS handle and Tesla charging adapter.
  3. Return the CCS charging handle to its dock and store your Tesla adapter.
Tesla ccs combo 1 adapter

Safety Notes

The CCS to Tesla Adapter is exclusively designed for charging Tesla vehicles. Do not use it for any other purpose or with any other vehicle.

Do not use the Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter if it is defective, appears cracked, frayed, broken, or otherwise damaged, or fails to operate properly.

Is the CCS adapter worth it?

  1. Fast Charging speed up to 250Kw

  2. Added flexibility to charge at third-party charging stations, access to fast charging network like Blink, ChargePoint, Electrify America, EVgo etc

  3. Take advantage of expanding CCS Charger network and charge cheaper than Supercharger.

Tesla CCS Adapter Not Working

If your Tesla vehicle fails to charge with the CCS Combo 1 Adapter, check the vehicle’s display for error information and ensure the charging station is functioning properly.

  • Ensure that your Tesla model supports CCS charging;
  • Check if the Tesla adapter is properly connected to the charger;
  • Make sure the charging station is level 3 and supports CCS fast charge;
  • Move to the other CCS charger and try again.

While the Tesla fast charging adapter is designed to work with most CCS1 charging stations, there might be some incompatibility. Tesla continuously improves and may release software updates to enhance adapter compatibility. If you have done above checks and the CCS adaptor still not working, contact EVolve & Go at support@ccsadapter.com

Tesla CCS Adapter Reddit

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When I took it out of the box I was like "wow this thing is way heavier than I was expecting. Remember to plug the adapter to the charger first before plugging into the Tesla. A good investment!
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Recently got my adapter and tested it at an Electrify America charger. Works great! A few caveats for it though. The first is, you need to plug the adapter to the CCS plug FIRST, or you can get errors on the charging station Once you plug the adapter to the CCS plug, then you plug everything to your Tesla. The charger I was at was 150kw max output station. Ramped up to about 120kw-ish, had me charged up in 30 min and I was on my way. Worked flawlessly.
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Ordered on the 15th and received 15 days later. I have a few free CCS chargers (30ish KW) that I can use on my normal commutes. It is totally worth it for me!
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Added flexibility is nice. I've gone places that would have taken multiple hour reroutes or charging at a level 2 in order to make it there if I didn't have the adapter. So far I’m beyond happy and very glad I bought it.
John Doe
John Doe@username
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Was just gonna say, after having the CHAdeMO adapter I was struck by the small size of this thing!


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